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Sculpted by torrents of water, slot canyons can be deep and treacherous. Antelope canyon, on Navaho lands, is one of the few that is accessible. The Navaho or Dineh (as they prefer to be called) graciously allow visitors to enter, photograph and marvel. The small entrance fees are used to weld long metal stairways making it safe for those who visit. Before entering, one would never know The canyons exist. Descending into a narrow crevice, down hundreds of feet through beautiful sandstone, the sky is not visible although it lends light through openings far above.

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ANTELOPE CANYON Blank Card $3.50
ANTELOPE CANYON Six Cards $18.00

LARGER EDITION 8.5"X 11" $27.00

LARGER EDITION 13"X 19" $36.00

Each card comes with an envelope and a clear archival sleeve for protection. The card inside is always blank for your personalized message.
Shipping: $.O1 to $9.99 = $2.50. $10.-$49.99 = $3.50.
$50.00-$99.99 = $4.50. $100.-$199.99 = $7.00. $200.and up = $9.00 Greeting Cards:Home

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